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  • Cyberdyne Bluetooth Headphones

    Cyberdyne Bluetooth Headphones

    Premium multifunction Bluetooth headphones designed for superior comfort which produce crystal clear sound reproduction and feature three stunning branding options including debossing. They are compatible with all mobile devices that support Bluetooth with a wireless connectivity range of approximately 10 metres. Cyberdyne features a continuous playing time of approximately 16 hours and an inbuilt microphone allows the user to receive and make phone calls. They support A2DP and AVRCP Bluetooth profiles which allow the headphones to control functions on compatible devices such as changing the music track, adjusting the volume, accepting incoming calls and even taking selfie photos. The headphones are easily recharged in approximately three hours by connecting them to any USB power source with the supplied cable. They are beautifully presented in an elegant EVA carry case which can be branded to match the headphones.

  • Cylon Bluetooth Headphones

    Cylon Bluetooth Headphones

    Futuristic multi function Bluetooth headphones that are fully adjustable and also fold down into a very compact unit when not in use. They have a 10 metre range and are compatible with any device that supports Bluetooth. Has a continuous playing time of approximately 18 hours and an inbuilt microphone so the user can take phone calls. Supports A2DP and AVRCP Bluetooth profiles which means changing tracks, adjusting the volume and accepting incoming phone calls are able to be controlled from the headphones. Can be recharged from a laptop, power bank or USB mains charger and the unit is supplied in a Black gift box complete with a USB cable and instruction leaflet.

  • Ear Buds

    Ear Buds

    Quality set of ear buds complete with a standard 3.5mm stereo plug.

  • Helio Ear Buds

    Helio Ear Buds

    Premium set of ear buds in a smart gift box with a choice of three different bud sizes included.

  • Mondo Ear Buds

    Mondo Ear Buds

    Set of earbuds in a convenient pocket size plastic carry case.

  • Pulsar Headphones

    Pulsar Headphones

    Smart set of headphones with a standard 3.5mm stereo jack and a drawstring carry bag. They deliver crisp, clear sound and are very comfortable to wear with fully padded ear pieces. The head band is fully adjustable so one size fits all.

  • Retractable Ear Buds

    Retractable Ear Buds

    Spring loaded retractable ear buds that roll up into one tidy unit when not in use.

  • Sport Bluetooth Earbuds

    Sport Bluetooth Earbuds

    The Sport Bluetooth Earbuds produce over five hours of continuous high definition stereo sound for people with active lifestyles and fit securely with an adjustable band to correctly tension them. Another excellent feature is a built in microphone which provides the option of making and receiving phone calls and even switching between calls. This is a superb function for people on the move or exercising who need to catch up on work or take calls without stopping. Sport produces such exceptional sound quality that they can be used instead of regular headphones while relaxing and they have their own carry case complete with a micro USB cable for charging.