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  • Golf Clip Pencil

    Golf Clip Pencil

    Plastic golf pencil which can be clipped to a score card. It can also be pushed into the ground as a ball marker.

  • Golf Divot Repairer with Marker

    Golf Divot Repairer with Marker

    Plastic divot repairer with a metal golf ball marker which is securely held in place with a strong magnet.

  • Golf Mate

    Golf Mate

    Gold tee and marker holder with a bag clip which contains eight 53mm tees and two markers.

  • Golf Tee

    Golf Tee

    55mm wooden golf tee.

  • Golf Tool

    Golf Tool

    Compact golf tool which features a club cleaner, a divot repairer, a knife and a cleat tightener.

  • Golf Towel

    Golf Towel

    Pre-folded cotton golf towel complete with an eyelet and clip for attaching to golf bags and carts.

  • Golfers Tee & Marker Holder

    Golfers Tee & Marker Holder

    A convenient plastic holder which holds four 55mm golf tees and a plastic ball marker. It has a flexible plastic strap for attaching it to golf bags and golf carts.

  • Maxi Golf Tee

    Maxi Golf Tee

    Tough nylon golf tee made specifically for drivers. It has a chisel point that pushes easily into the ground.

  • PGF Optima Golf Ball

    PGF Optima Golf Ball

    PGF Optima is one of the best known and trusted golf ball brands. Optima golf balls are nicely presented in printed single ball boxes with 12 balls in a printed outer box. Please note that the branding on the packaging is subject to change without notice.

  • Plastic Golf Ball Marker

    Plastic Golf Ball Marker

    Low cost plastic golf ball marker.

  • Plastic Pitch Repairer

    Plastic Pitch Repairer

    Plastic golf tool for repairing ball marks on putting greens.